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AMANTI is the blend specialist

AMANTI coffee tins We understand the complexities behind creating the perfect coffee blend. With our unique Techno-Aromatic® roasting and Profile Blending we have created a range of signature blends to impress even the most discerning coffee lover. Best of all we fresh roast to order so your customers will enjoy only the freshest coffee every time. It's no wonder that AMANTI is truly The One With Aroma ®

AMANTI Champagne Moka (Light)

light coffee A soft sparkling light roast with delicate overtones of chocolate and hazelnuts. Elegant and sophisticated you'll be celebrating every cup.

AMANTI Moka Latte (Light)

light coffee A full bodied light roast with irresistible hints of chocolate and banana. Ideal for the first and last cup of the day

AMANTI Golden Moka (Medium)

medium coffee This well balanced medium roast is light in the cheeks with delicious overtones of chocolate and hazelnuts. Rich and complex, it leaves you with a satisfying sweet lingering aftertaste.

AMANTI Decaffeinated Columbian (Medium)

medium coffee A smooth full flavoured medium roast with a delightfully well balanced mild tangy flavour. Enjoy a cup and have a good night's rest.

AMANTI New York (Medium)

medium coffee This well balanced medium roast is quick to strike your pallet with its intense full flavour yet refreshing sweet lingering aftertaste. It will keep you on the move.

AMANTI Gourmet Organic (Medium)

medium coffee This certified organically grown medium roast is rich, smooth and bold. With soft floral undertones and a mild earthy aftertaste it will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

AMANTI Italian Espresso (Medium+)

medium coffee This traditional medium roast showcases our heritage with its rich and full bodied flavour. Rounded and bold it will leave you shouting That's Espresso!

AMANTI Platinum Blend (Medium+)

medium coffee With a super heavy body, this perfectly smooth medium+ roast will fill your pallet with its rich chocolatey body and satisfyingly delicate aftertaste.

AMANTI Golden Espresso (Medium+)

medium coffee This stunning medium+ roast starts with a sparkling fruity punch with toffee overtones and finishes with a remarkable sweet lingering aftertaste.

AMANTI Orgasmic (Medium+)

medium coffee This cheeky medium+ roast will really get your blood pumping. With an original tangy flavour and lovely light lingering aftertaste it will leave you begging for more.

AMANTI Merlin Blend (Medium+)

medium coffee This magical medium+ roast has a full bodied chocolatey flavour with a nutty undertone that is smooth, rich and sure to cast you under its spell.

AMANTI European Royale (Dark)

dark coffee This full bodied dark roast blend will take your taste buds on a journey starting with sparkling rich grape overtones and finishing with a warm
caramel flavoured aftertaste.

AMANTI Hunter Gold (Dark)

dark coffee With its unique balance of flavours and fruity overtones, this velvety dark roast blend will quickly capture your heart.

AMANTI Millennium Gold (Dark)

dark coffee With a super heavy body and delicious chocolatey overtones, this dark roast exudes the true flavour of the bean, creating an enjoyable and memorable
experience every time. Perfect for drip filters
and plunger coffee.

AMANTI Jet Fuel (Dark)

dark coffee This bold dark roast is strongly compliented by its caramel flavour and carbony overtones. One cup and you'll be flying high all day long.

AMANTI R.I.P. (Extra Dark)

ultra dark coffee This extra dark roast has a clean rich flavour perfectly complimented by its compelling carbony overtones. Guaranteed to wake the dead!

AMANTI Depth Charge (Extra Dark)

ultra dark coffee This full bodied extra dark roast will take you on a journey to the dark side! With its velvety rich flavour and sparkling caramel overtones you will continue
falling into the Dark side of the roast.

AMANTI Midnight Oil (Extra Dark)

ultra dark coffee With deep flavours of toasted almonds and soft caramel overtones, this extra dark double roasted blend keep you well awake for the day and the next!

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