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The Gingerelli range of Drinking Chocolates are irresistible. Get a whole new drinks menu with this versatile range of Drinking Chocolates. Try Meltichoc ®72% to make a rich hot chocolate on a cold night. Add some Mint Chocpod to your frappe for a refreshing kick. Sprinkle modern Orange Chocopod mix on cappuccinos or desserts. Turn the heat up with Chilli Chocopod ® it stings in the most delightful way. Refreshing chilled or steaming hot. Ask for some free samples today. They're easy to use and love!


The Teaco range is made from premium grade leaves and luscious herbs. Quality Tea has become essential for good cafe menus. With Teaco, you can select from black teas, caffeine free healthy herbal teas and fresh fruity teas. Available in loose leaf and easy to use tea bags. The Teaco tea range compliments your freshly roasted coffee blends perfectly. Give your customers the premium choice in every beverage.


These exotic delicious spicy brews are competing with coffee as a second favourite in the best cafes. Take advantage of our huge range, infused with fantastic flavours. Whip up a tropical banana chai, or try a refreshing vanilla chai. It's a new and unique range that's only available in a small selection of cafes. Your cafe will be complete with Chai Blenz. Call us for some samples. Also in this range we have Spanish Drinking Chocolate Horchata. Coffee Gateway are the only ones in Australia to stock this divine Spanish drinking chocolate that's spreading through the best cafes this winter. It's made from secret ingredients with the flavour of nuts and spices. This irresistibly smooth Spanish drinking chocolate is caffeine free So it's suitable for kids too. You can drink it hot like traditional hot chocolate or ice blended in a frappe or smoothie. Horchata is earthy, rich and creamy. It gives your cafe menu an edge that other cafes simply don't have.


Versatile and easy to use, the Brudelli range of Italian style syrups can be used in nearly anything on your menu. From milkshakes, ice cream, pancakes and frappes to the finishing touch in your coffee! Add any Brudelli syrup to your coffee or chocolate drinks to create a brand new signature drink! It's that simple. It's an easy way of giving your customers something new to try. Enrich your classic chocolate favourite with a splash of mint, berry or a zesty orange.

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